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Are you teaching commas and quotation marks? These task cards make teaching dialogue fun! Students will work with commas and quotation marks through this set of 24 task cards! Students will read sentences and choose the one that uses punctuation and capitalization correctly! These are great practice when teaching or reviewing the placement of commas and quotation marks in dialogue!


This resource includes 24 task cards that give students lots of practice using commas, quotation marks, dialogue, punctuation, and capitalization! One set has QR codes, which are perfect for self-checking and instant feedback! There is a duplicate set without QR codes, too!


This resource includes:

  • 24 task cards without QR codes

  • A duplicate set of task cards with QR codes

  • A student answer sheet

  • An answer key


There are many ways to use these commas and quotation marks in your classroom:

  • teach a new standard

  • review a previously taught standard

  • whole group instruction

  • small group instruction

  • partner work

  • independent work

  • reading centers

  • homework

  • leave for a substitute

  • assessments

  • gather data

  • distance learning

  • test prep

  • writing conventions


Supports Common Core Standards (CCSS):







Copyright © Monica Parsons.

Permission to copy for single classroom use only.

Commas and Quotation Marks Dialogue Punctuation Capitalization Task Cards

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