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Get organized with this editable class list template that will save you so much time!! You will love this easy to use EDITABLE classroom checklist template!! This editable student roster template is perfect to use as a student checklist or a class roster. It's always helpful to have your class list with you, and there are so many uses for a classroom checklist! This editable class list is perfect for keeping track of student assignments, recording grades, and keeping up with daily classroom tasks!


You will love this editable class list because you will save a ton of time



I have updated this product to contain Google files!

There are easy-to-use Google sheets that you can use digitally and/or print!

There is an AWESOME set of checklists that let you see which students haven't turned their papers/work in with just one click of a button! It's a must-have!!


You MUST open the files with ADOBE READER, which is a FREE download. If you try to use this in another software, it will not work. You also MUST have the latest version of ADOBE READER!


Here is how this amazing resource works:

Simply type your students' names ONCE and they will autofill onto all other student checklist pages!


Print multiple copies of your class list and checklist and keep stacks of them around the room. Grab one and use it to keep up with any and all student data!


Here is what you'll receive in this product:

  • a video tutorial on how to edit the checklists
  • directions on printing and storing the checklists
  • suggestions on using the checklists
  • ideas on using the checklists for grading
  • 12 different checklists to edit
  • checklists for 20, 24, 28, and 32 students
  • checklists are in color and in black and white
  • some checklists are printed with fancier fonts
  • other checklists are printed with simple, easy-to-read fonts


NEW - Google Sheets versions for even more customization!


Here is how you can use these class lists in your classroom:

⭐ Back-to-school classroom set-up 


      Coat hooks/bag hooks





      Student mailboxes 

⭐ Back-to-school forms 

⭐ Back-to-school supplies 

⭐ Find student information quickly


      List of students with services

      Parent contact & info

      Reading levels

      Math levels

      Student usernames

      Student passwords

⭐ List grades and put in gradebook later 

⭐ Quick checks to see who has turned work in

⭐ Quick check to see who has missing work 

⭐ Take attendance 

⭐ Bathroom monitoring 

⭐ Behavior tracking 

⭐ Who has turned things in

      Book orders

      School spirit wear orders

      Permission slips

      Money for field trips

      Lunch money

      Snack money

      Conferencing info

      Midterm reports

      School paperwork


      Daily assignments

      Exit tickets

⭐ Centers/Stations

      Assignments for students

      Groups of students

⭐ Give to others to use

      Teacher assistant

      Office staff

      Anyone who observes a lesson



      Student teachers

      Teacher assistants



      Yearbook coordinator

      Testing coordinator


⭐ Class jobs 

⭐ Conferencing 

⭐ Desk arrangement 

⭐ Emergency drills 

⭐ Testing data 

⭐ Turn-in bins



Please note for the PDF files:

- the font is set and cannot be changed

- the font size is set to AUTO, which means it will automatically adjust to fit text

- text boxes cannot be added or deleted

- you are not able to add or delete rows or columns

- you cannot add or delete clipart or borders

- this is a PDF and can only be edited with Adobe (not Google, Microsoft, etc.)



This is a zipped file. After you unzip your purchase, you will find several files:

  • checklists for up to 20 students
  • checklists for up to 24 students
  • checklists for up to 28 students
  • checklists for up to 32 students
  • BONUS fillable class forms
  • video tutorials
  • NEW: Google Sheets templates



It's simple to edit and customize these:

Enter your information once on the first page.

Hit "ENTER."


You can save your work so that you won't have to type it again.


Make a mistake? Get a new student? What if a student moves? Simply go back to any page in the PDF and make the changes! All pages will be changed instantly! It's like magic! You can also choose "save as" to save your class. If you teach multiple classes, simply open up the file, choose "save as," and rename it as another class!



As a BONUS, you'll receive some helpful teacher forms to use in your classroom! These forms have fillable components. You can type directly into them, or you can just print them off. 


Bonus forms include:

  • Parent communication log
  • Password log
  • To do lists
  • Meeting notes page




⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Kelly B. says, “I love these checklists!  I set them out for students to check off their names for certain centers. I use them as a forms return checklist, and I use them for instant grading!  I also LOVE that it instantly imports student names on every sheet.  This is a great resource if you want to be an organized teacher!”


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Ashley D. says, “This has been an extremely helpful checklist. I use it for absolutely everything. It makes editing students easy. I use it for when I need to give a class list to our Intervention specialists, when I have to see what students have completed and what they still need to work on. I just love how easy it is to use and edit.” 


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ All ‘Bout Curriculum says, “This is one of the best resources that I have purchased off of TPT. It is easy to edit and has fun fonts to help keep me organized.” 



Copyright © Monica Parsons.

Permission to copy for single classroom use only.

Editable Class List Template Classroom Checklist Roster Student Checklist

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